Blackjack and its rise to mobile gaming fame

There are more than 20 million monthly mobile gamers in the UK, and now gaming sites and apps are reportedly rivalling photo messaging and social networking.

The amount of people playing games on their mobile has increased by over 90%, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. It’s clear that mobile gaming is becoming popular at a rate that no one anticipated, and the increasing amount of choice players get in the market is both exciting and overwhelming.

Enormous selections of innovative games that build upon the newest technologies and the most up to date graphics have been released over the last couple of years. Equally, a great deal of classic games have been redesigned and launched onto mobile to give them a modern feel. These are particularly popular because although the device may be alien to some, the game is not, meaning the overall gaming experience is familiar and therefore even more enjoyable. All the player has to get to grips with is the software rather than the mechanics of the game itself, which proves to be more successful than a brand new game with complicated instructions.

Huge choice

Players have a vast amount of options when it comes to deciding which mobile game to play. Only properly taking flight in the last couple of years, the amount of games on offer has soared and consumers can dedicate a great deal of time to mobile gaming or play as infrequently as they like. Search engines and app stores are the most popular way to find games, and players have the option of tackling anything from tile matching puzzle games to playing at a mobile phone casino.

The latter is becoming especially popular in the mobile gaming market, offering a variety of classics that people have been playing for hundreds of years. Blackjack for example is the most widely played casino game in the world, the first written reference believed to be found in Spain as early as the 1600s by Miguel de Cervantes, who is most famous for writing Don Quixote.

Now Blackjack is one of the most sought after mobile casino games, and thanks to the phenomenal development of graphic and sound quality, players no longer have to travel to their local casino in order to feel the infamous buzz. Recent statistics support this fact, showing that as player numbers increase online less people are attending brick and mortar casinos.

Fortune Frenzy, one of the more popular mobile casinos has recently upgraded many of its games in HD. This means that mobile blackjack from Fortune Frenzy now has unbeatable graphics, excellent sound quality, less waiting times and quicker spins. This upgrade is based on the new HTML5 framework suitable for iOS, Android and Blackberry users. Sites and apps such as these are leading the way in terms of mobile technology, and are redefining what the industry is currently offering its players. Fortune Frenzy plans on having all of its games in HD by the end of the year, with seven of them already fully updated in high resolution graphics.

Fortune Frenzy is only in its fourth month of launch and already establishing itself as a potential market leader within the mobile gaming industry. The mobile casino site is constantly up to date with the latest technologies, and has repeatedly proven its ability to stay one step ahead of its competitors.  

Fortune Frenzy is a part of a larger collection of pay to play sites from gaming experts at Spotlight Online Gaming. The company is only two years old and already has a huge variety of sites suitable for a range of devices. Fortune Frenzy has been only recently added to its repertoire of games, and already has proven very popular with players, offering a range of slots, blackjack, roulette and bingo games.


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