Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack is a pretty intellectual game. The game originated in France, later it become popular worldwide. Gamblers like to master blackjack skills in order to become pros and play the game successfully earning high amounts of money, just like with poker promotions. While undoubtedly entertaining, the game is rather tense, so if you're just looking for some gambling fun you should probably play online casino games that require more luck than skill, like slots or roulette. Through the blackjack game history many various strategies were developed with a view to beat the house and win big.

Basics on Card Counting

During card counting players have to memorize all the cards that are dealt. Playing blackjack, card counters have to be very attentive in order to estimate whether the cards that have remained in the deck are favorable for a player or a dealer. The cards that have remained can be beneficial either for the player or the dealer. For instance, the cards with a high value are favorable for the player, and cards with a low value are seemed to be beneficial for the dealer. Counting of cards can be used together with basic/main blackjack strategy.

Counting Systems

Every single card that has been dealt has the value that is 0/+1/ -1. When you do some calculation, more lucrative decision can be made. The deck cards from two to six are supposed to be counted as +1, and the deck cards from seven to nine are supposed to be counted as zero and the other face up cards from ten to Ace are supposed to be counted as -1. All counting systems are proved to be very effective. Hi-Opt, KO, Omega II, Zen Count, Wizard Ace/Five are the counting systems that increase players blackjack odds.

Card Counting Prevention

Counting of cards is aimed at house advantage decreasing and increasing players` odds. Thus, for instance, land-based casinos take proper measures to protect themselves. Below you may see some of them:


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