History of video poker

We have all heard of Poker, that challenging game of skill and confidence. How many of you have practiced your ‘poker face’ in front of a mirror and realized it is a lot harder to pull off than they make it out to be in films. But since the invention of Video Poker, they is a lot less need to have a poker face, in fact do you need one at all?

Video Poker first emerged in the 1970’s. At this time the invention of an intelligent computer had become economical to produce allowing for games to be played on machines that had a TV like screen and a processing unit that allows them to play games. The earliest models came onto the market at the same time as personal computers. Very primitive in our eyes today, but highly exciting back then.

As time went on Video Poker became more established when SIRCOMA introduced Draw Poker. SIRCOMA, which stood for Si Redd’s Coin Machines, later became International Game technology, but were the ones to put Video Poker on the map.

In the 80’s video poker became more and more popular in Casinos as players preferred to play with a machine than other people at a table, as it was far less intimidating. They no longer had to have a ‘game face’, or hide their disappointment when they lost, they could just be angry at the machine and no one would blame them, it is only a machine after all!

Today Video Poker is still going strong. At all large Casinos, such ask Gala casino UK you will see rows upon rows of video Poker machines, far more slick and streamline than the originals, but the principles still stay the same. People enjoy playing on these as odds tend to be higher and payout more likely, but at the end of the day it is still Poker and anyone who likes the machine game will also love the table game, they just need the nerve to play it live.


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