Casino History – Reaching for Heights

It’s nowadays well-known that world’s casino history, though being far younger, than the whole gambling history, has already faced numerous considerable changes and modifications, much due to which modern players currently possess such a wide range of gaming options to choose from.

The first known casino forerunners were established in Italy in the 17th century, though the gradual growth of popularity of gambling has become one of the essential reasons, why more betting houses started opening within the French and British territory. These were, nevertheless, mostly available for nobles and aristocrats only, whereas the average citizens continued playing in companies at home.

Despite the fact, that the beginning of the 18th century has seen a rapid increase in the fame of the best casino games of those times, it wasn’t until initial betting establishment appeared in the USA (namely, Brown’s Saloon) that the casino history had maintained its place in the people’s lives.

Unlike most European casinos, American gambling houses were quite affordable for people with average income, which has eventually turned out to be a strong driving force for the further boost of casino development.

In the 1890s, when the very first slot machines (Liberty Bell, in particular) joined the casino games family and have soon attracted many players’ attention, the casino history was at the stage of its fast modification, and even though gambling was later banned in the US, the people’s desire to play blackjack or casino roulette game was unstoppable, so the underground casinos have become rather a spread notion.

As for the 20th century, this period may be easily called the Golden Era in casino history, as after the legalization of gambling had taken place in 1931, numerous betting houses are recognized to have been constructed in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, most of them offering a wide choice of gaming options, like casino slots game and baccarat variations, for example. These have immediately grown extremely popular among both celebrities and regular gamblers.

At the same time, the current page in casino history is majorly related to the development of glittering online casino sites, which tend to present the players with all conceivable gaming applications, offering incomparable betting experience and huge payoffs.

In a nutshell, as the human desire to test one’s luck isn’t likely to disappear, the future of casinos will, probably, be even more flourishing, than their present.


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